Poor Trip Log

We went to Chicago to visit friends. Well, I went to see friends. Bob went to have adventures.

The trip went as well as you could want. The travel went smoothly. Our lodging had plenty of space and a great location. We all had a great time catching up.

If you were going to complain, it would be about the first morning when it was cold and raining sideways but that was over quick.

I didn’t keep track of any funny stories and took hardly any photos.

One of the highlights was the Chicago Architecture Foundation Center River Cruise where you cruise around and the guide tells you all about the buildings in the downtown skyline. Super interesting. One and a half hours and you know how there’s always that one person who can’t resist talking the whole time? Not on this tour. Everyone rapt.

We also went to a Cubs game. I am not a huge baseball fan but I wanted to see Wrigley Field and it turned out to be fun. Since I spend so much time at soccer matches it was interesting to see how the rituals of a different sport played out.

That was the trip.

I am still trying to get the yard under control. Every spring I mildly panic because the work seems so overwhelming and it is particularly crazy this year due to all the rain. I finally managed to out in the berry patch to get it cleaned up and look what I found!

Lots more coming in soon. This is my favorite when we go from a few berries in a bowl to more than we can eat.

Also while I was out there one of my earbuds fell into the berries. I had to crank some loud music to the highest setting and then crawl around on my hands and knees with my face in the dirt and brambles in my hair.

I found it!

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