Long Beautiful Nails Could Save Me


When I was young, like middle school, I really, really wanted long fingernails.

I have no idea why this was so important to me.

Like, I thought I could be more popular and pretty. For real.

But instead, I was a nail biter and my nails were always weak and the minute they grew a tiny bit they were bendy and would break. Plus the way my nails grow, the nail bed is low on my fingertips so the free edge has a long way to go to even reach the ends of my fingers.

Now I hate if my fingernails are even the tiniest bit long. I cut them the second there’s enough free edge to grab.

And they seem like they grow faster than ever. Do they grow faster as you age? Or is it more like how different time goes by now, like when I see a photo of myself and think it’s from a year or two ago and really it’s like 10 years old?

Finger nails are no longer a priority.

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One Response to Long Beautiful Nails Could Save Me

  1. Darren Freire says:

    OMG me too !!! I have no fingernails; I clip them so short. People have even asked me if I have a nail disease.

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