Across the Street

The bro house across the street was empty for a couple of years and now it’s an Air BNB. It can fit a lot of people so almost every weekend there are lots of cars over there.

I’m not complaining. So far it hasn’t caused any trouble.

This weekend there were 2-3 cars, 2 big pick-ups and 2 flatbeds – is that what they are called?

This morning I heard funny noises out front and peeked out the window and they were loading up classic cars on the flatbeds.

Not like olde timey cars and not like muscle cars.

Like slicked out 80s Chevy Monte Carlo or 80s Cadillac. (I don’t know cars, that’s my best guess.) I thought it was kind-of cool. There are a lot of car events around here so maybe that’s what they were up to.

This represents about 90% of the gardening I have done so far this year.

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