A Few Quick Notes

Another crazy busy weekend culminating in a super busy day. I was gone all day but optimistically jotted down a list of 9 things I thought I could get done when I got home.

HAHAHAHAHA! Luckily I put bathe on the list because I am up for that one and then I am getting in my pajamas and parking on the couch until bed time.

I finally realized that my favorite old jeans are finished. I have been hardly ever wearing them so they would last longer but they are so old they are disintegrating on the hanger. I’m going to put them in the garden clothes pile but I bet they fall apart. Always a tragedy when your favorite clothes give up.

When I signed into my dashboard it said that my privacy policy has gotten about 8x as much traffic as any other part of my site. I’m not sure what that means. Probably people researching and getting ready to sue me because my policy is so half-assed. I don’t know how to collect and exploit data. I don’t how anything works.

I think I wrote about our microwave (we call it the science oven) from 40 years ago died and we got a new one. I don’t love the new one because it seems so hard to press the buttons and it has some quirks I haven’t gotten used to. But it has a rotating dish — we’ve never had that before and also it’s so much stronger — things heat faster. We already broke a plate.

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