Not *Always* A Hit At Parties

Last year the NYT had a recipe for Butter Mochi.

“Tender and chewy, this big-batch dessert — as comforting as cake and as fun as bar cookies — is always a hit at parties. ”

I clipped it and finally tried it around the holidays.

The recipe uses sweet rice flour, something I’ve never baked with before, plus tons of sugar and 2 cans coconut milk.

I felt like I followed the directions but the finished product seemed heavy and chewy and not a texture that I was sure about. It tasted good.

I sent a note to a friend to ask for advice since she has a recipe on her website for Banana Mochi Bread. She was reassuring about my results and even used the words “rubbery” and “not cake-like” to describe this dessert.

Here’s the thing: no one ate it except me. It made a giant 9×13 pan. Even my husband, who will eat just about anything sweet wouldn’t touch it.

I can’t bear to be wasteful so I packed it in the freezer and doled it out a piece or two at a time. I just finished the last one.

(And, I plan to try that banana mochi bread recipe one of these days.)

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