First Flower

This post and the next are being scheduled. I am going to Orleans to hang out with Mom for a week. Hopefully I will have some fun photos when I return.

Someday I would like to go through our entire house and get out every towel, washcloth, dish cloth, rag, mop towel, and anything else like a towel and put them all in a pile.

We need to sort through and make a “GET RID OF ALREADY” pile, a mop pile, and then the ones we use for bathing.

Every little cupboard and cranny has some towels stashed in it. Some of them so ancient you can see through them.

But it seems like whenever I’m looking for hand towels, or the bath towels that I like, I can’t find them.

See also: containers for leftovers. We have lids. We have containers. But sometimes none match the others.

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