Current Faves

Oakie letting me know he’s ready to help by sitting on my laptop.

Damn! The times gets away. This weekend I did a bunch of chores and got out in the yard. I did my first pass on the taxes. I finished a little project for a friend. And I watched NCAA gymnastics conference finals. I’m still watching that. 5 more hours to go.

Morning Tishaniik walk with dogs and elders.

I’m not totally sure how music gets on my phone. Last time I drove to Orleans my podcasts wouldn’t work and I can’t fiddle with the phone while I drive so I asked Siri to play music.

And all these songs I like played. It was a miracle.

So for this trip I added a playlist called “current faves” and listened to that for another part of the drive when my podcasts weren’t working. I did ask Siri to play podcasts but she didn’t do it. I don’t know why.

Apparently I created “current faves” about 15 minutes after Apple invented playlists (the early 00s?) because it was a bunch of old songs from bands I haven’t thought of in ages.

Stroke Nine? Vertical Horizon? Snow Patrol?

I don’t listen to music enough to remedy this situation

On the way home I listened to a big section of Braiding Sweetgrass which I am enjoying but it’s super long and feels long.

Mom and Oakie cleaning up the asparagus patch.

I don’t have any big stories from my trip. The drive down and back went smoothly. We had some rain but nothing terrible which is actually bad because they are hurting for rain/snowpack down there. We went on some nice walks and did some visiting.

I will be back in June.

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