RIP Science Oven

The other night I was sitting in front of the TV and heard frantic beeping from our microwave. Since no one was using it, I was concerned.

I got up and the display was flashing letters and symbols, the light inside was blinking on and off, and there was a crackly sound.

I’ve consumed A LOT of horror/scifi/fantasy in my time so I knew what this meant:

Creatures from another dimension or maybe aliens were trying to use it cause havoc in our world.

I unplugged it and Bob took it outside and we saved the day.

Bob got that microwave when he moved into his own apartment, about 40 years ago. It should probably go into a museum.

Good Bye microwave!

I looked around in the shop to see if I saw the peanut shells or I could find more signs of mouse. I found this paper towel behind a box. Mouse took some of the pumpkin seeds I was saving! Don’t worry, I have saved seeds all over the place. But this is a sign that mousey is more comfortable out there than he should be.

Measures forthcoming.

28862 / 30000 words. 96% done!

This is it for Project of Forever, part 1 of 3. I’m not exactly sure how things are going to end so in the end it’s very skimpy.

Project of Forever, part 2 of 3 will be underway shortly.

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