When we were in Orleans, the persimmon tree was starting to produce. Mom was in charge and she picked a lot of persimmons. For some reason I thought I didn’t like persimmons but I was wrong. Persimmons are like the fruit you would invent if you could invent a fruit — a cross between a peach and an apple.

Last night I was half-dreaming about these last persimmons. I need to turn them into pulp so I can make cookies. My husband and brother love persimmon cookies.

I did not understand my own goal for NaNo. I thought it was 250 a day but I guess it was more like 400 a day. I need focus Monday and Tuesday if I’m going to make it.

15766 / 17000 words. 93% done!

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    As I once shared, when I was a child we had a vacant lot next to us and it had 4 Big Persimmon Trees on it and every year we’d harvest so much. Grandma, an aunt and my mom made so many cookies and coffee cake loaves. And they would freeze the pulp and as a treat more cookies in April and September. I do miss them

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