Lone Raccoon with A Booboo


I need to take a closer look at my clips. I think there is one group of 4 raccoons and one group of 3 raccoons. That’s a lot of raccoon traffic out there.

Heavy gusting winds last night. Kind-of creepy but also: don’t need to rake leaves today.

Still super busy with my class and just finished a new story.

My class lasts until almost Thanksgiving. I’ll post a photo or clip a day until then. Maybe after it ends I will write daily posts.

Oh, also, because my inner overachiever is never going to take a break: I’m going to do NaNoWriMo but only a super easy goal of 250 words a day which is like one page. I’m working on a for-fun YA romance with speculative elements. It has about 4300 words now.

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