The Stolen Covers Situation

When I go to Orleans I always use boxes in the car to help me organize my stuff. Oakey liked this box a lot. When I got ready to leave he glared a lot which he does anyway but I could tell there was extra glaring.

I guess I never posted it here but a couple of weeks ago it was my 25th wedding anniversary.

Wow, hard to believe.

We have never had a serious cover stealing situation in all this time. Until recently.

I don’t know what Bob does but somehow he manages to get a big armful of covers and then he turns over to his side of the bed. Night after night I am clutching the corner of the duvet, angrily yanking it back or waking with only my pillows to keep me warm.

No amount of whining has changed this. He says he can’t help it, he’s asleep.

I finally got out a blanket that is folded and only on my half of the bed.

If that’s the worst problem after 25 years, we’re doing just fine.

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