Five Yellow Buses and Other notes.

More raccoons!

These are notes from when I drove to Orleans at the end of July:

Driving down I saw a guy in a fishing hat, standing in the middle of a field reading.

At one point I could see a little yellow bus in my rear view mirror.

As I drove on, slowly, the bus drew closer to me. And there was an identical bus behind it.

All together there were five buses, evenly spaced, slowly but surely gaining.

It was like something from a horror movie. I don’t know what the horror was, it just felt eerie and off.

Later the road split for construction so I was on once side of the concrete barrier headed for the state line and the little yellow buses were exiting the freeway and they all drove by, headed to scare someone else.

My other note was that America is recreating! I saw every possible size shape of RV or camper, all strapped with either some type of floatation device or some type of wheeled conveyance (motorized and not.)

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