Knives Out

I’ve let my pictures fall into complete disorganization with repeated pictures and raccoon videos in a bunch of different folders helpfully named “iphone feb” and “videos.” Like I’m afraid I might accidentally delete a critical clip of a raccoon wandering through the yard.

I don’t have the juice to go through them tonight.

I have been wanting a block to stick some knives on the wall. With our kitchen configuration we don’t have an ideal spot but I bought this short block and had a spot picked out. I reorganized a few things and went to put it up and it’s about 1/2 inch too long for the spot.

I remained determined and kept holding it up there but it was still too long. Bob suggested we put it diagonally but I said we’re not doing that. I have identified another not optimal place we could put it but that involves changing things around into one of those cascading projects where you need to remodel your house do you can hang a little magnetic knife block.

I am not sure how to proceed but probably in some half-assed fashion. Or maybe just do the diagonal thing.

These are my tomato starts from seeds. They are bigger now and the blue pot has one for a total of 4.

I also ordered some bigger ones from a nursery that will arrive around Memorial Day.

These are all cherry tomatoes. The last few years I haven’t had the greatest luck with tomatoes so I figure it will be just my luck that all of these will thrive and I will have so many cherry tomatoes I will be leaving them on stranger’s porches. Great problem to have. Fingers crossed.

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