Hello Daffodils

I haven’t gotten around to my usual endless photo session in the garden. These are few half-hearted snaps from my phone when I was waiting for Bob out front.

Dad had cataract surgery and there was a wee complication (don’t worry, everything is fine) but we ended up doing an emergency trip to the clinic on a Saturday when it was normally closed.

We arrived and waited in the lobby. The doctor showed up and stuck his head out the door and said, “It looks like our offices have been ransacked. I’m going to ask you to wait outside while I call security.”

It was kind-of exciting but Dad was glum about his eye so we were also: Really? Not one thing can go smoothly?

A single security person arrived and wandered through the suite and we had our check-up and left.

When we went back for our next appointment I asked the medical tech checking us in what happened.

Someone(s) broke in sometime Saturday morning. They took “stupid stuff, our broken scanner, our laminator, equipment made specifically for the surgeons that would be useless to resell.” The went through all the lockers and drawers and cupboards. Mostly they made a mess and inconvenienced everyone. They said it was good that the doctor was called in so they were aware of the problem but I’m sure the doctor didn’t feel that way. hehe.

They arrested one guy and we did not hear of any further developments.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    OMG maybe 2 years ago I was working as a Security Guard and one clinic was broken into, it was Gastro and they took Scopes, DVD Recorders and other Endo items. They said it was like a $100,000+ loss. I know it all sounds odd they would take that type of equipment but then all the Kaisers went on alert and I was actually posted at an outer Gastropod Clinic for a few nights.

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