Old Lady Status

Photo from one of the main medical buildings looking out on what’s left of the barge building business that closed a couple of years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I went to OHSU at the South Waterfront to get some doctor tests. (Everything is fine!)

Part 1 of my old lady status is that for my tests I wasn’t supposed to wear any metal and I was unsettled about the idea of wearing sweat pants downtown. (I did but changed into real clothes as soon as I was back at the office.)

It was my first time down there. It’s quite a complex.

Part 2 of my old lady status is to mention that when I first moved to the PACNW 30 years ago I worked not far from this medical center only then it was all industrial. No high rise condos, no medical buildings.

My final old lady observation is that an awful lot of people venture out in the world in sweat pants and slippers — like the kind of slippers you would wear around the house.

The medical center was hopping. That was the most people I’ve been around in almost a year. Should we believe that a medical center is going to be safer or a bigger risk?

I attempted to nostalgia watch Grease the other night and did not get far. That movie came out when I was about 15 — the perfect age to LOVE it. We would have seen it numerous times if we could get someone’s mom to drive us to the mall. I had the soundtrack. The dancing! The story!

What a messed up ending. Was I supposed to think could find a dreamy guy, if I put on some black spandex pants and smoked a cigarette?

My nostalgia watch didn’t make it past the first musical number.

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One Response to Old Lady Status

  1. Darren Freire says:

    I don’t mind seeing someone in Sweatpants in public, as long as they are clean and not riddled with holes. Slippers in public is a no-no, not good especially if you dare to wear Fuzzy ones or ones that look like Bear Feet. However Pajama pants is public is So So Trashy.

    My sister loved the movie Grease and was GA-Ga over Olivia Newton John. She loved the Sandy SuperChick look but hated the Cigarette. To push her buttons I’d mess with the one lyrics and sing: Tell me more. tell me more did he lay you on the floor? Yes he did, yes he did and now I have a Kid !!!

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