When Did Lightbulbs Become So Complicated?

A quick glimpse of no-tail guy at the beginning. These two look very well fed. I think they’ve got a good source somewhere.

I never know what I’m doing when I’m buying lightbulbs now.

I bought some that said “natural light” and they emit a blazing blue light as if from a space ship.

I have more than one light fixture with several bulbs. I never manage to get the bulbs to match. I label the bulbs in the lightbulb area with notes that say, “this is for the bathroom” “these are the ones you hate in the living room.”

But also somehow you can never buy just one bulb. We also have a sort-of nightlight and I used to be able to find a very low wattage for that fixture. If you wake up in the middle of the night you can see enough not to break your neck. But now the lowest wattage I can find, you could still read the side of the cereal box.

Just kidding, I need to be under the space ship light if it’s very small print.

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