Tuber Wads

I generally don’t dig my dahlias because it’s a giant pain in the ass and I’m too lazy to properly follow through so they usually get moldy and/or shrivel up.

When I was cleaning up the backyard I dug up two plants that hadn’t produced flowers in a couple of years intending on tossing them. Then I saw the tubers and thought maybe I’d save them and try replanting them in the spring and see what happens.

I watched a dahlia digging video and learned a lot. Too bad I didn’t watch this 15+ years ago when I first started growing dahlias. I’ve been doing it all wrong. And I did it wrong again because I dug them too early.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve had moldy bulbs sit in the shop over the winter in a big pile and then I planted them and dahlias grew.

The above is from these pink dahlias that are so hearty it’s terrifying. The only reason I dug these up is because they were bursting up out of the ground. That thing was really heavy and hard to break apart.

I still didn’t do it exactly how the video showed but I suspect I will still get flowers.

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