The New Rental House

The rental house next door has been almost completely quiet since the Covid. Although on Halloween I woke up after midnight to the sound of people talking. After such a quiet night I was curious what was going on and of course it was next door.

The house behind us has been in the same family for over 40 years. The man died a number of years ago but the woman hung in there for a long time. We’ve gotten to know her son-in-law because he likes to B.S. over the fence when he’s in town. The woman passed away this summer and they worked like crazy to get the house empty and ready for sale.

They told us they sold it to a flipper who plans to rent it.

Flipper got the keys on a Thursday and spent Friday and Saturday with a chainsaw and a chipper getting rid of almost every tree and shrub on the property. Beautiful 10 foot tall rhododendrons. Pretty trees with fall colors. Now there’s a bare house with a rental sign on the lawn.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    A Trump voter, I’m sure.

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