The Mystery of The Clean Floor

Yesterday we went to pick up our Christmas tree. I went into the shop to look for a bucket to fill with water so we had a place to keep the tree until we got it up.

There was already a bucket of water ready, but also, there was water everywhere like someone had just swabbed the floor with a sopping mop.

What is going on out here? I looked around and then I had a hunch.

Remember during the summer when I posted about my bucket for slow-watering the fig tree?

Bob accidentally picked that bucket first. 😂 “At least we know it works,” he said.

I made my goal by writing 27,040 words words in November. I wrote every day. My lowest day was 535 words. My best day was 1393. Often it was torture but I did it anyway.

The result isn’t pretty but I did get to know the characters and a few surprises came up so I guess it was a worthwhile exercise if my goal is try to get my mojo back.

What next? I keep changing my mind.

I’m going to spend one more weekend on my short story and either finish it or pack it away. Then go back to my longer projects and try to pick one. The possibility of writing another romance is still out there, too.

27040 / 25000 words. 108% done!

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  1. Kenneth says:

    108%! Congratulations!

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