Only on the Paper

I can’t tell whether as I get older I am more in tune to life’s various b.s. or if life is getting more b.s. as time goes by.

We get our office supplies from a particular company we do business with. I am being intentionally vague.

Office supplies are the biggest crock. Back in the day I would buy office supplies from a big box store.

The mark-up for buying supplies from a company like we do is ridiculous. But these days I don’t drive to work and in particular I have no way to get a heavy box of paper up to the office. We hardly use any office supplies except for paper.

I usually buy 2 boxes at a time and just opened the second box from our last purchase. There was an entire ream of paper — with no wrapper. It was like it fell on the ground in a stampede and someone ran around and grabbed it all, piled it together, and shoved it in the box. Another ream was too damaged to use.

Not buying from them again.

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