Can’t Let Your Guard Down

Before the freeze.

Yesterday I inadvertently answered a spam call on my cellphone. In the last 24 hours I have gotten 15 more spam calls — all spoofed with different numbers. I’m using an old phone so I don’t have access to all the latest spam blockers but I installed something yesterday. I also kept my phone in airplane mode for long parts of the day.

What an aggravating pain.

After the freeze.

In 2006 I joined the first National Blog Posting Month “NaBlo” and almost every year since then I have posted every day in November. Sometimes it’s just photos or a quick quip. I also usually do a modified version of National Novel Writing Month. I would love to do something but I’m still in a slump and I don’t want to stress myself out making myself write something when I’m feeling so unraveled.

I’ll think about it and maybe make a simple goal.

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