Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This was the scene in the backyard around 7am.

I keep typo-ing smoke as smoake. Smoake is a good name for a monster or villain in a story that I am too scatterbrained to write at the moment.

The animal cam has been quiet. I had moved the camera closer to the house to try a different angle. I’m not sure if the animal activity changed with the strange weather or the camera set up wasn’t working.

I moved the camera back out towards the back fence and caught Rocket last night. That poor guy is looking scraggly.

Heckle and Jeckle played around the bucket at 3:30 and Pogo wandered by around 1:30 but the camera fogged up. I’m going to treat the lenses with Rain-X again and see if that helps.

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One Response to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  1. Darren Freire says:

    Wow our smoke is not that bad but we have smoke. You go outside and your eyes burn. Three days ago, I went to go to the market about 7am and the ash was falling so heavy, it looked like grey snow. My poor white car looked a mess. We have fires to our West and East.

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