Condor Cam

Warning: this story doesn’t have a great ending.

One of my great joys during the lockdown was watching the Condor Nest Cam from the Ventana Wildlife Society. (If you click on the link now it’s highlights.)

I started watching when the egg was close to hatching. And then kept checking in to get a glimpse when Iniko was a damp little noodle.

I’ve been keeping up with Iniko as it got bigger and started losing its fluff.

The Dolan fire in California destroyed the condor sanctuary. Yes, everything is terrible.

If you really want to bum yourself out you can find the last clips before the camera cables melted here. You can even hear the fire coming. It’s tragic.

As of right now they are missing 13 condors including 4 chicks which includes Iniko. They are actively searching for the missing condor. They identified one yesterday. They say historically many chicks have survived fires so there is room for optimism.

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