Clarion West Beg-A-Thon Week #5 Update

Percy the fig tree in November, 2017.

This week I attempted to write something dark since I normally don’t even write characters who are mean to each other. I was not successful. This week’s story was 2400 words about Derrick, the bumbling thief who tries to steal $5000 from a lady upriver. It’s really 2400 words of throat clearing.


All he had to do was steal Dee’s dog, pretend to find it, bring it to her, get a reward, see where she grabbed the reward money from, knock her down, take the money, run to the dealer, get the drugs, set aside a portion for himself, sell the rest, and return the money to Dee.

What could go wrong?

I had a brilliant idea for a story as I was falling asleep and roused myself enough to jot a quick note so I would remember it in the morning.

The note says: Shallow NDN [illegible] $ Kids tribal [illegible.]

Feel free to steal.

Fig harvest 2020! So far we’ve picked 4. I ate 3 and gave 1 to Bob. There are 7 more out there.

The fundraiser continues. I seem to have deleted the progress report email but I think we raised almost $15K of our goal of $20K.

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