The Wednesday downtown farmer’s market is back. This one of my favorite days when the market starts and my sad Winter Is Coming day when they close in the fall.

Downtown has much fewer people than normal anyway but the market layout has been revised so it is spread out along several blocks and has a one way travel design. So far I have loaded up on asparagus and filled up on my favorite Verde Cocina Рchicken in adobo and gringas con mol̩. I bought enough to bring home dinner.

Last week I also picked up a bunch of tamales with fresh salsa. (Different vendor and I am blanking on the name at the moment.)

I can’t remember if I shared this story.

I watch Westworld — it’s a reboot on HBO. I think we just finished season 3.

I DVR the show and then watch it when I get a chance.

At one point this season I settled down for the latest episode and it was in Spanish with subtitles. The characters were in Mexico so I figured this was some conceit of the episode and kept watching.

The show continued in Spanish. After about fifteen minutes I thought it was strange. Wouldn’t this be alienating so some of their audience to do an entire episode with subtitles? But maybe this was going to pay off in some interesting way.

I kept watching.

You guys – I watched for 45 minutes before I figured out that it was my TV! Somehow I held down some magical arrangement of buttons to switch my TV to Spanish. I don’t know how that could happen. I don’t know how to do it on purpose.

Well, I do now. I learned so I could turn it off.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    A hundred years ago, when I lived in Wichita, we would have a Farmer’s Market every Weekend in the good weather. Nice thing was being in Kansas we got every low priced Fresh Ostrich and Bison(Buffalo). Ostrich was maybe just $4 a pound and Buffalo was $6 a pound. I can’t recall if a vendor had Deer meat? So many veggies. I’d gets all my wallet let me. I see frozen buffalo for about $12 a pound. OMG I remember so many times it was buffalo lasagna and turn on the bread machine for veggie bread.

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