Must Have Died Laughing

When I was in those terrible teen years where you want to get out and do things but you can’t drive and you have no money, I had a couple of friends that liked to make prank phone calls.

I liked the prank calls but I wasn’t much for doing them myself.

One prank was to call information (also called directory assistance) and ask questions like how to bake cookies or get spaghetti stains out of a white T-shirt. We thought this was HILARIOUS.

We also liked to call radio stations to request songs like “You Light Up My Life” and Linda Ronstadt songs from that album with her wearing a satin jacket on the cover.

We also tried to win things. I once won an album called Livin’ on the Fault Line by the Doobie Brothers.

We also would call random numbers and ask questions like, “Is your refrigerator running?”

“Oh yeah? Well you better go catch it.”

HAHAHA. Oh, we were so funny.

One time my friend left this long message on someone’s answering machine informing them that sadly, someone they knew had died. Our message had no details such as who died, or how it happened that we were the ones charged with imparting this information.

As soon as we were done I felt really guilty. I ran upstairs to another extension (Do kids today even know this? That a household would have one phone line with phones in different rooms and everyone had to share?) and I called the number back to tell them it was a joke.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    I was bad also and made Prank Calls with my friends. Dumb things like call the bowling alley and ask “do you have 16 pound balls?” they’d say yes and we’d say “wow what size underwear do you wear?” But our favorite thing to do was call up like we are the radio station and act like it was name this song and artist for $100. We’d play and easy song like Beth and the person would be all excited and say it is Beth by Kiss and we’d say “no it is Beth but the band is Aerosmith” and the person would start freaking out and arguing. We would say “sorry you just lost $100” and hang up. You can’t do most of what we did years ago because of newer type phones and caller ID.

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