Little Free Libraries

I had a pile of books here ready to go to the library sale but since we aren’t doing that right now I decided to take a walk and drop them off at some of the little free libraries in our neighborhood.

Turns out there are a lot of little free libraries in our neighborhood. We already knew of a few that we wanted to visit and in the process of trying to locate them found at least three more that we didn’t know about including this incredible Tardis library that I instantly fell in love with. Bob liked the one where you could hear jazz music coming from the house.

The first thing I did at every library we visited was tidy it up. I put all the mass paperbacks together and moved around the larger books so that all the spines faced outward. If there was more than one title by the same author, I put those together.

Bob muttered: daughter of a librarian.

I’m sad to say that about 90% of the books were complete garbage — terrible best sellers from 20 years ago. Ancient business type books. Old catalogs. One book was falling apart so I took it and threw it away.

Bob found a book of David Lynch interviews which he took. Most of the books we left were really great, published in the last 5 years, and not accidentally dropped in the bathtub.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    We stopped at one in front of a house that has fab views of Puget Sound. The collection consisted of dozens of issues of “Town & Country” magazine and books about breast feeding. Pretty easy to figure out what’s going on in that house.

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