Going Round In Circles

The morning after my crown was seated I was in the process of getting up — Bob and I were in bed talking about our day. I sat up quickly and the whole world tilted sideways so suddenly and violently that I thought the house was tipping over.

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” I said, trying to grab onto something.

I thought I was just light-headed from sitting up too fast and tried that thing where you bend forward and let your head hang.

I eventually figured out that if I moved my head in a certain way, I would get dizzy and have to take care not to fall into anything.

After all the endless bummer of the bad tooth, the last thing I wanted was some goofy head problem. I envisioned expensive tests and referrals. That’s one of my big complaints about healthcare is that even the tiniest concern results in more and more appointments.

A colleague recently went through an extended bout of vertigo so I sent her a note and said: What the what is this?

She told me to look up BPPV and try the exercise. Turns out it is very common. The first couple of days were weird. I even woke myself up in the night with spinning because I turned over funny. But within a week it resolved. I occasionally have a vague sense of vertigo but I’m fine now. I could find no science to confirm that my tooth problems caused it, but that’s what I blame.

Let’s all hope that it was some weird anomaly that will never return.

What strange times we are living in.

This morning I went to the pharmacy to pick up some OTC stuff for my dad including a jug of laxative. I was there right as it opened and they were just unboxing a fresh pallet of toilet paper. There only 3 other people in the store and they all asked how many they were allowed to take (2) which they snatched immediately.

We have a normal supply of toilet paper so I was the person buying the jug of laxative and no toilet paper.

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2 Responses to Going Round In Circles

  1. Some dude says:


    I couldn’t figure out why comments weren’t allowed on Portland Meadows post.

    But anyway, I am sentimentally glad that you just happened to post a couple of photos from Portland Meadows.

    I visited there many times over the span of 42 years (strangely my first trip was about 2 weeks after Utah Senator Orrin Hatch first took office, and my last trip was about a month after he left the Senate).

    I have so many fond memories of the place, and of fun nights spent in nearby motels and such. But I can’t find anywhere online where people are gathering their own stories of the place. (there is a facebook spot called “Friends of Portland Meadows”, but I don’t use Facebook, and I can’t find email for whoever runs that Facebook category)

    Just nice to notice that somebody else has a vantage point on what was Portland Meadows.

  2. Darren Freire says:

    It is getting dumb crazy out there. My sister told me of an elderly neighbor who came out of the market and a pick up pulled up and two males jumped out, grabbed her toilet paper and water and they drove off ! I hear some stores are giving special help for seniors when they leave their market.

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