The Never Ending Tooth Disaster

Uh oh, that guy fell down. Opponents who don’t like Diego Chara are going to be thrilled to find out we have two Charas now.

I wish I had some good news about my tooth.

Overall, the dentist doesn’t think it’s long for this world but since I wasn’t up for shelling out huge bucks for an implant right now, we prepped for a crown. And the crown prep included some minor oral surgery on my gum. The site is still sore.

Meanwhile, I’ve been back and forth to the orthodontist to take wires and brackets on and off. More of the same next week when the crown comes in.

I’m kinda bummed about being constantly afraid of my mouth and constant low grade discomfort and relying on soft food and visiting the gamut of dental practitioners as my part time job.

Hopefully all will go smoothly with the crown and I can get this behind me.

Coach doing media at the half

These photos can mean only one thing: Timbers season starts again soon.

This is the preseason tournament so I saw a match last weekend and a match last night. It was fun to be back at the stadium and seeing some of the new players.

Preseason substitutions. I love seeing all the guys on the field like this.

I know it’s just preseason but I didn’t see anything that made me overly optimistic. I predict that we play just enough great games to keep our hopes up but enough stinkers to keep us at our usual spot in the middle of the table.

Opening match next weekend.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    Orajel should help numb the area and bunches of rinses with an el cheapo $1 store antiseptic mouthwash will help. But then you walk around with Medicine Mouth and both kill your taste buds and minor numb your throat.

    Can you just opt to pull it and have a hole or would people notice the missing area?

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