Don’t Look Down

This is the living room of the house I grew up in circa 1980-ish. It’s hard to believe all that orange and green was a good idea. If you look at the house on Zillow they have hardwoods now.

We need to deal with our floors in our house. It makes me feel bad about myself every time I look at our dingy, horrible carpet and disintegrating flooring.

I’ve hated our carpet since the day we’ve moved in.

We’re just so bad at dealing with house projects. When Bob’s in school we don’t have time. When we have time we’d always rather be doing something else.

We talked about at least shampooing the carpet so it didn’t look like an accident scene but if we have to move all the furniture we might as well replace the floor and if we replace the floor we might as well get rid of the terrible wallpaper and paint. Now it’s a huge project.

I was determined to deal with it this summer but already the weekends are getting filled up with family or fun things. Seems like something we need to get on the calendar early if we have to hire people. I predict we will limp along with what we have a bit longer.

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One Response to Don’t Look Down

  1. Darren Freire says:

    At our house in Monrovia circa early 70’s I remember all the green and orange. Our kitchen was an avocado refrigerator with cabinets and walls various green and orange shades. And later about 1975 – 76 came “decorama” iron wall pieces and ceramic roosters. Maybe my mother did not drink while pregnant but must have while decorating !!! It was Laugh-in meets the acid queen…

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