Persimmon Cookies

This is the famous Priscilla persimmon cookie recipe — this is the recipe card she made for me shortly after we got married.

I have the ingredients out in the kitchen. Time got away from me so I haven’t even started yet. This isn’t much of a test recipe since I’ve made these before — in fact, earlier this year. Someone brought us persimmons from California.

I love this note. Poor Bob. He got married at just the right age.

I had hoped to do more intensive test recipe cooking but a number of things have conspired to diminish my enthusiasm for this project so I’m not sure how things will go for the rest of the month.

There is a very particular Thanksgiving recipe I want to make and I haven’t been able to find it. I’ll do one more dig through what I have here before I ask my sister-in-law if she has it.

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  1. Darren Freire says:

    Reading this reminded me of being quite young. When I was a child on the street where we lived was a vacant lot and on this lot were 5 or 6 huge persimmon trees. The owners of the property were our landlord and they were fine with anyone harvesting the trees. A handful of us would pick paper shopping bags of plump persimmons. Our mother, grandmother and an aunt would bake up big batches of cookies and various loafs. They would freeze some and we had persimmon treats for months.

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