Executive Tuna Bake

Tonight is our first test recipe: Cream Cheese Tuna Bake from the Executive Mansion. (Recipe here.)

If you know me, you know that the first thing I did was adapt the recipe.

Mrs. Evans wanted me to use 4 oz. of uncooked macaroni.


I’m not going to all this trouble and then using a tiny amount of macaroni. I tripled that.

She also didn’t call for cooking the green pepper and onion first and I did not feel confident about that cooking enough from the time in the oven.

I did add a can of mushrooms. I had a 12 oz. can of tuna and I added about 2/3rds and left the rest for Bob to make into something next week.

I thought I was okay but when I opened the tuna I thought it smelled terrible.

But the finished casserole smelled good and I ate a generous helping. It was fine. Not my favorite but not terrible.

Quote from cooking: It seems good except for the tuna.

My husband loved it and had to drag himself away so that he could have the leftovers this week.

I haven’t picked a test recipe for next weekend yet. I’ve still got lots to choose from.

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