What I’ve Been Up To

I came back from Orleans with a giant box of vegetables, a good supply of apples, a handful of weird photos, and a nasty case of poison oak. WARNING: gruesome photo below. Well, more gruesome than my photos of dead things.

This is a dead bat I found in the trailer when I arrived. I’m not sure why but it majorly creeped me out and I had to get my 81 year old mother to come over and deal with it. She picked it up with a paper towel and threw it in the driveway.

Remarks: It was kinda squishy.

This is a dead frog I saw on my walk with Auntie and BG. I was wandering around one of the most beautiful places on the planet and this dead frog caught my eye to be photographed. I’m not sure where my head was at.

I’m not posting it but I also took a photo of my dad’s nightstand because I thought the bottle of Tanqueray together with 2 flashlights, tissues, and clock with ENORMOUS numbers was hilarious. Also not shown: my dad’s black eye and bruised noggin from where he fell. He couldn’t see how bad the eye was with his glasses on so I took the photo for him.

I have been almost completely sidelined by the worst case of poison oak I have ever had in my life x1000. This is the not-gross arm. It starts at my fingers and goes up my forearms. On the bad arm my elbow crease looks like a sponge with a vicious red fungus growing on it. The rash goes up to my bicep on the bad arm.

This is my “good” arm. I also got some around my eye and around both ankles. I had to go to the doctor and get a prescription creme and lots of sympathetic, “oh nos.”

I was whacking some stuff back and I saw it after it was too late so I knew I’d gotten into it. When I finished my work I very did the whole cleaning protocol and wiped down everything I touched and washed my clothes and scrubbed off my shoes. But it was super hot and I was all sweaty and I guess it was the perfect environment to really dig in and do its damage. It’s been hard to sleep, move, dress, and enjoy life. I spent the weekend on the couch feeling wretched and whining.

I also finished Season 2 of Deadwood.

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