Farewell Priscilla Feb 4 1928 – Aug 22 2019

Here’s young Priscilla instilling a love of reading in the older son, Bob.

We lost my wonderful mother-in-law Priscilla just over a week ago. It wasn’t completely unexpected yet seemed to happen so fast.

She was a wife, mother, school teacher, mystery reader, music lover, photographer’s assistant, fabulous comfort food cook, sneaky sense of humor, zoo docent and lover of animals, great with kids and had an endlessly generous heart.

She raised two terrific sons who doted on her to the very end. It’s going to be weird without her.

Here she is, zoo volunteer.

I have a box of her recipes that I hope to go through and cook and then post some of the classics. My husband will love this project.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Priscilla’s persimmon cookies were the absolute best.

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