Closed for Winter

[Long very sweaty, spitty, furious rant about recent update to WordPress omitted. After wasting an enormous amount of my time, I found a plugin to let me revert to the old way of posting. And I would tolerate the new way if there was warning and some tutorials. No. Just, here you go, completely new interface. I couldn’t make it work and did not design my day to figure out new software this afternoon.]

This is my winter flowerbed. I made myself go out there on Friday and chopped down the dead dahlias and pulled out some other dead stuff.

These are my broad beans and a bunch of stuff composting in the middle of the garden. You can’t see from this angle but there’s a butternut squash that had a bad spot on it and was rotten before I could pick it.

Normally I roll my eyes at certain types of kitchen innovations and shortcuts but precut parchment paper sheets are AMAZING. I hate cutting parchment paper and dealing with the curling flappyness. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture. I got them at the grocery store. They just pop out of a box and fit right in the sheet pan. I am now so motivated to use parchment for everything.

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