Multi-Cultural Weekend

FINALLY! Books are here. I restocked some of my older titles and I have a stack of Sweetheart Braves. I’m always afraid to open them when they are in book form because inevitably the first thing I see is a typo. But they look so pretty.

We had a big weekend besides the frenzied writing.

Friday night we went to the Clark College Pow Wow — I think it’s officially called a Multi-Cultural Celebration. Great turnout this year. We had a fun time.

Saturday night we went the annual Day of the Dead party, hosted by one of Bob’s colleagues. Amazing food with music and dancing, including audience participation. That was fun, too.

And my team is in the playoffs. We won the knock out match last week to make it to this round. We played match 1 of 2 at home on Sunday. We won that match but we have to play away and figure out how to hang on to the lead. We are playing our bitter rivals Seattle.

I sent this to my wonderful friend and huge Seattle fan Hannah to represent us going at it over our teams:

Current word count. Still looking good!

7487 / 50000 words. 15% done!

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