Crosstown Traffic

Some people aren’t cut out for public transportation. Most of them ride the express bus.

They get so anxious about when the bus is coming. They stand there staring up the street, one hand visor-ed across their brow, frowning at the oncoming traffic as if there is a prize for spotting it first.

They ask other drivers if our bus is coming.

I’ve been taking the bus for over a decade. I’ve never had a bus not come.

I get that people want to get home. I don’t love having an endless long day. But it is a bus, not a magic carpet. The driver wants to pick us up and get us where we’re going almost as badly as we do. Might as well just relax and wait until it arrives.

My favorite are the people who have to be one of the first ones on the bus. There can be people standing and waiting to board and they will just sidle right in front of everyone to get on first. (These are always the people who need to have a seat to themselves and a seat for their backpack.) Or my other favorite, they will sidle in front and then make a big deal of turning to some other person who just arrived and let them go first, I guess to counteract taking cuts.

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