Something I was Wrong About

This is a photo from a few years ago but this is Auntie Pat. We drove together for Mom’s birthday party in March.

I have been resistant to audiobooks. Part of it is, I don’t have a lot of time to listen to things. I enjoy hearing my own thoughts and don’t feel like I have to fill every free second inputing content into my head.

But I have found I enjoy podcasts, especially on the bus on the way home after a long day, and also if I’m doing a long kitchen project like prepping fruit for pies.

For the trip with Auntie I bought the audiobook for All The Light We Cannot See because I didn’t think she would enjoy my gymnastics podcasts or hairband hits of the 80s CDs. (Yes, I still have CDs in my car. And cassettes. Not a typo.)

I LOVED listening to it. I’m not always a careful reader and when you’re being read to, you have to hear every word. I felt like I got a lot of that book by listening. I read it too. This past trip I bought The Goldfinch, which I’ve already read but enjoyed listening to. Now I’m listening to 11/22/63 on my phone and it’s really good. Turns out I like being read to.

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