I’ve had this picture scanned and in my main photo folder for months. I can’t remember what the intent was.

This is my room in college in 1985. Normally four people would be in this room and I would have had to confine my stuff to only one of those closet things — what are they called? Armoires?

I don’t think I was always this messy. I think I was crazy busy with school and jobs and social stuff.

Almost all those photos taped to the walls and armoire doors are of Def Leppard.

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One Response to 1985

  1. Darren Freire says:

    Was this the Toga Pic room or where you dressed out as Wayne and Garth?
    I do remember the pic of you with a guitar and sunnyglasses….

    You are such a Wild Child
    When I win the Lotto I promise to get to a FrankenStrat… And SIGNED by Eddie…. But you will owe me Veggie Lasagna !!!!

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