Cookie Sales

I can’t believe I’ve lived long enough to see Hugh Grant staring in a movie with a talking teddy bear.

Yesterday one the neighbor kids came over selling Girl Scout cookies. I was so sad Bob wasn’t here because this kid is a character and we’ve seen her around the neighborhood since she was teeny. He would have loved to be in charge of this transaction. I asked to buy two boxes and she asked if we would buy one from her and then another from her younger sister who was selling cookies for the first time. How cute is that?

Younger sister still hasn’t appeared but it’s been cold and wet so maybe she hasn’t gone out for her lap yet.

I’m sure it will come as a surprise to no one that abstaining from social media is brilliant. Staying away from discussion boards and not reading the news is great, too, although probably not the best idea in the long run for a responsible adult to skip reading the news.

Finally making measurable progress on Book #3 but I’m still working out of order so I don’t have a precise sense of my word count. Maybe a third of the way done? I’ll have a better idea when I have a couple more good productive weekends under my belt.

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