Rain Maker or Rainmaker

I thought I’d take a lap through the yard and take a few dead garden photos before doing some long neglected clean up work.

Then it started raining. I don’t mind a drizzle. But then it rained harder so I ran in the house.

These are the only two photos I took.

We need raking out front, in the back, and along both sides of the house. So much raking. I still haven’t mixed in the compost. I’m sure there are still potatoes out there.

Earlier this week we ate a butternut squash I grew and it was fantastic. There are still a few little tomatoes on the window sill trying to get ripe. That’s the garden report.

I almost completely failed NaNoWriMo. I always have a hard time getting started. I’m still writing everything out of order so I don’t have a great feel for my word count. This is my best guess.

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