Insert Joke About Bush Removal Here

I very carefully cropped and uploaded these pictures and then went about my business, completely forgetting that I was going to write something and post them. And then I had to run out the door to the soccer match.

Now I’m home and I’m beat and I need to bathe and get organized for the work week.

We had our annual hedge whacking this past weekend.

I had this weird bush from the front torn out. I’m going to plant something pretty TBD.

This is the landscaper, Vu, digging out the stump. You know who has the best gossip about the neighborhood? Vu. He works for people all up and down our street.

Plus they had to get on a ladder for the hedges so he could see what was going on in the yard next door.

I went to my folks last weekend and enjoyed some fresh mountain air. On Indigenous Peoples’ Day we went to Ashland and saw, Off the Rails which is a play about Indian residential schools in the Old West with a mostly Native cast and written by a Native playwright. It was very good and intense to see in a room full of Natives.

That’s the scoop for now.

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One Response to Insert Joke About Bush Removal Here

  1. Darren Freire says:

    I can guess that Vu only has the “outside” gossip about the neighborhood.
    The person with the real gossip is the Bug Treatment Person. My parents had Orkin come in and he knew it all from whom has a stockpile of guns to whom has such the roach problem because their place is a mess to which housewives are the most flirty.

    Beware the Bug Man sees every inch of your house and see every one of your secrets !!!

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