Things Are Fragile

My desktop computer took a dump yesterday. It was not a complete surprise but the timing was not great. Is there ever a great time for something we rely on every day to take a dump?

I have a laptop so all is not lost but it’s only set up for writing, checking email and basic web browsing.

No updates until I get the new machine, get it set up how I like it, and catch up on the massive number of words I am behind on my writing project. I don’t know why I voluntarily stress myself out like this but I’m in the middle of it so I need to keep pushing forward.

I tried to post a flickr photo but apparently don’t remember how. What I did didn’t work and I don’t have any patience for technology at this point. At work we had a copier – router – modem – printing – scanning – Internet massive clusterfukatonia situation that went on for days and technically, colleague’s work station is still not fully operational. I have calls in.

Then I spent half the day yesterday trying “one more thing” to get desktop to grind back to life a teeny bit longer. Here we are. Fingers crossed: all the other stuff hold together.

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One Response to Things Are Fragile

  1. Darren Freire says:

    So is your desktop unit in the shop or is it old enough not to save and a new unit is in order? I don’t envy you if you buy a new desky, you will have 60 to 90 minutes of updates to download and install. I think all new units are 500GB and up? I remember when I had a 165GB drive, I thought that I had enough space to control a NASA launch. And then you have to look at CPU speeds too.

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