Blue Ballet

I swear I read in Cook’s Illustrated magazine that a good way to open a winter squash is to put them into a plastic bag and drop onto the floor from chest height.

I can’t have made that up, can I? But I checked the last few issues and didn’t see that particular tip.

Either I saw the tip somewhere else or my CI filing system (jammed into a drawer with an occasional stickie note to remind me which recipes I wanted to try) is failing me.

I bought this beautiful Blue Ballet squash so I could try the tip.

When I was standing there I felt like I was being mean to it.

I dropped it and it made the same sound a flat basketball makes when you try to bounce it. It bounced a couple inches off the ground.

I tried again and the same thing happened.

The first photo is what it looked like after I dropped it.

I took the squash back inside and used the old giant knife and mallet trick.

This thing is delicious.

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