Pat the Pumpkin

I asked Bob to take some pictures of me to see if I could find something to use for my author photo on pen name’s website.

I already had the giggles from the great mattress flipping incident. When I switch the sheets in the spring and fall, I like to flip the mattress. I can’t do it by myself. Bob and I are good at being married but bad at all other forms of teamwork. We spent about 15 minutes trying to explain to the other the best way to flip it. I think we both had the same idea but completely different ways of communicating.

Back to the photo session – I have a photo that I like where I’m petting one of the neighbor cats. I said I wanted something like that so Bob told me to do the same thing only with the pumpkins. I squatted down next to them and he said, look at the pumpkin. I started laughing and asked if he wanted me to pet it. Hence, this photo.

The only update is that the blurb is up on pen name’s website. No cover or sample chapter yet. We are getting closer. I updated the website, too.

Meanwhile, I used this weekend to catch up on domestic stuff. I partially put the garden to bed and raked up Round 1 of the Apple-pocolypse. I dug what I think is the last of the potatoes. Got another bunch of beets. A nice bowl of roma tomatoes. I collected apples to make applesauce but ran out of steam. I had tons of green beans from Orleans so I cleaned two giant bags and composted some, cooked a batch, and canned dilly beans. My dilly beans came out doodoo. My learning style is to do everything wrong the first time I try it. I’m sure they’ll taste fine but they shriveled and I guess I need to learn how to stuff them in there better. They look like someone started to fill the jars and then got bored and gave up.

I did a bunch of other household things that I’ve been putting off. Next weekend I should be back to book stuff. I’m not going to make any more promises since there are too many things that can come up and derail the schedule.

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