The New Bread

Last week the NYT had an article about sourdough which is a subject I consider myself to be advanced in.

Like everything in the world these days, there is no point in writing the article if you aren’t going to proclaim that sourdough “it changes your life.”

Bob and I have been eating a loaf of homemade sourdough bread regularly for several years now and while we like the bread a great deal, I don’t know that we’ve concluded that our lives have been changed. But we really like the bread.

I’ve posted my recipe. Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the NYT recipe for no-knead bread that accompanied the article. I followed it to the letter to compare to my recipe.

It came out great. I used the Dutch oven so the loaf was flatter than my usual. I slightly flubbed the directions to get the dough into the oven. When mine went in, it immediately cracked which I thought was going to be a problem but it came out so pretty.

The loaves in the article look quite a bit darker but mine was just right. Tasted great and more sourdoughy. My normal recipe only uses only 1/4 cup. Also with this recipe you mix the sourdough with the water before you add it to the dry ingredients. D’oh! The sesame seeds add a nice flavor.

Next week I’ll probably adapt it to be more like my regular recipe.

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