My Secrets To Success

I’m seem to be locked in this pattern of taking a look at my life and coming up with an idea that might make some small part of it easier. Then, in the process of trying to implement this life-changing idea, I instead create a bunch of new problems to solve.

Like, (made-up example) I’m going to get this software that will take care of something that will make my life easier. I end up spending half of whatever free time I had for the weekend installing it — which of course necessitates upgrading some other software and downloading a widget and adding a gadget that needs a special cable that we used to have but it’s not in the garage, basement, laundry room or pile of boxes in the back of the closet so I have to go buy another one somewhere only that store no longer exists so I have to go to a different store with a terrible parking lot that is super busy and the parking spots are all one tiny squosh too small for any normal sized cars, and when I finally get inside they aren’t sure if they have the cable and why couldn’t I just buy it online? Oh, you want to take care of this dumb project today and not drag it out forever, I see, you’re going to stand there until I look around, Oh, look, I found one — then after I install all these various things I still have to configure them and troubleshoot them and get the stuff down to the business of actually making my life easier.

Then, as it turns out, I flubbed up a setting in there somewhere, and I can’t figure it out in the last 15 minutes I’ve allotted to this aggravating project so instead, every time I open my computer I now have to click on a box, and close another program plus a widget, then type in a password, then a number and then, suddenly, everything is easier, but disappointingly so.

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