Downtown Trees

There’s tree planter on our office block. Someone ran into the tree at some point and they had to take it out. Since then they’ve planted two trees that both looked dead the minute they put them in the ground. The one in there now looks dead. I’ll try to take a picture of it this week.

I asked Colleague: Why do they keep planting dead trees?

I’m sure there’s method to the trees downtown.

When we got back from winter break I was standing at the bus stop, looking at the same view I see every single day. And something was missing.

This was the after view, taken as a square photo when I didn’t know that my phone had a square photo setting. I also manage to pictures up my nostrils because I mess up the settings.

Two of the trees bit it during the ice storm. I admired those trees a lot since I stand there so often. I hope the city plants news ones soon. And I hope the new ones stay alive.

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