Happy New Year

I’ve been half-ready to update all week.

Christmas was great in terms of the travel. We picked the perfect days and other than a few sections of heavy rain on the way down, we traveled in good weather. While we were there we had plenty of rain and some slush. I normally would have been more wistful waking up Christmas morning and seeing a little bit of snow outside.

Except that the power went out on Christmas Eve so it was dark and I was cold.

My folks have a generator so the basics were covered. Aunt Janet and Meredith cooked Christmas dinner without power — they had BBQs and secret techniques and dinner was fantastic. When you are sending out good vibes for the new year, be sure to include them.

The company was fine and the food terrific so we still had a great holiday.

My sister and I wanted to do a puzzle. Some people made frowny faces and gave us a hard time. Some went so far as to not remember where the puzzle caddy was. We were able to make it happen anyway.

Then the power went out and no TV and we had lots of new friends.

Bob and I were already gone but Erin and Tim finished and tossed back in the box before they made their way home.

I have a bunch of other stuff but dinner is boiling to I have to run.

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