Gardening Influence

I had to share this terrific photo of me and my sister with my Grandpa, probably my first gardening influence.

It might be hard to tell in the photo but those red things around our necks are neck kerchiefs. I love that even at that young age with not a worry in the world, I still have giant bags under my eyes. I’m still always trying to find a product or treatment to minimize my eye bags.

You’d think looking at family photos showing generations of women with eye bags at all stages of life would convince me, but no, I keep thinking I can do something about my eye baggage.

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One Response to Gardening Influence

  1. Hannah says:

    I love this photo! My sister and I were also similarly dressed in childhood photos, even though we aren’t twins, and we often had just one slight variation, like shoe color. I love how you both obviously have the same brand/style of shoes, but one pair is blue and one is red. That happened to us a lot, too. I don’t remember, though, ever rocking a neck kerchief. Well done.

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